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ES Episode148

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Interview: Joe Gillespie, Netsparker
= Interview: Joe Gillespie, [ Netsparker] =
[[File:JoeGillespie.jpg|thumb|right|<center>[ Joe Gillespie] is the Regional Sales Manager Enterprise Account Executive at [ Netsparker]</center>]]<br><br>'''Segment Topic:'''<br>Managing Vulnerabilities in the Enterprise<br><br>'''Segment Description'''<br> Managing verbalities sin the Enterprise is more than how many assets can you scan but how do you manage the issues that you discover.*Usability – Software that is easy to use even for non - security personnel#Easy to use tool#Fast deployment, quickly operational#intuitive UI and workflow.*Discovery#What assets do I have that I need to secure?*Accuracy – Accuracy ensures acceptance and reduces manual checking#accuracy of the scanner#lack of false positives#coverage<br>*Integration – Integrating with other tools as part of the process (Issue tracking, CI )#Integration with other tools such as issue tracking, CI, risk management, , SSO, messaging#API - open and documented, allows for easy integration#SDLC Process workflow *Automation – Automation enables the management of large numbers of vulnerabilities#Workflows that simplify and automate processes#Synchronization with Issue tracking (updating both sides of the process)#Automate notifications of activities#Automated retesting of vulnerabilities *Resolution – Tracking results and remediation progress#Reporting#Data insights#Data management

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