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= Leadership Articles =
* [ THE ELEMENTS OF A GOOD COMPANY APOLOGY]- To win back lost trust, it’s important to grasp a fundamental truth about apologies:# When something bad happens, you must first decide if an apology is even warranted — sometimes apologizing is not the best strategy.# If an apology is warranted, companies must then answer three key questions to properly craft a response:## Do we tell the truth? ## On whose behalf are we acting? ## How do our actions benefit those who trust us?* [ Are You Enabling a Toxic Culture Without Realizing It?]- A strategy to help organizations identify how to prevent toxic cultures from taking hold:# Identifying the Role You Play - There are two types of team members:## Passive enablers are typically unaware of what’s happening.## Active enablers do see what is happening but fail to take action.# Taking Action - Passive enablers need to be visible with their teams to see what is going on. Active enablers need to speak up.# Fostering Cultural Health - When leaders communicate clearly and actively demonstrate what will not be tolerated, employees understand that their concerns will be heard and taken seriously.* [ 8 Ways Leaders Delegate Successfully]- eEight practices of leaders who delegate successfully:# They pick the right person# They’re clear about what the person is responsible for and how much autonomy they have# They make sure that team members have the resources they need to do the job# They establish checkpoints, milestones, and junctures for feedback so that they neither micromanage nor under-lead.# They encourage new, creative ways for team members to accomplish goals# They create a motivating environment# They tolerate risks and mistakes, and use them as learning opportunities* [ There’s No Shame in Working on Vacation]- If it’s a choice, a little work can be a joy.
* [ MetLife names head of global technology, expects new tech to disrupt business models]


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