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# Dishonesty
*[ 5 Things Leaders Do That Stifle Innovation] - In 2018, the U.S. slipped out of Bloomberg’s top 10 most innovative countries for the first time. But this isn’t necessarily a hint of entrepreneurship’s demise; it’s a reflection of the tumultuous environment. In our study examining productive and counterproductive behaviors of 41 entrepreneurs, we found that it’s far more crucial for managers to focus on what we call “derailers” when selecting and coaching their teams. The most detrimental, and common, derailers we identified in our study are:
* # Unconscious neglect* # Overprotectiveness* # Overconfidence* # Overexertion* # Devaluation
*[ The Highest Performing Teams Have These 4 Mindsets] - Our research and experience has shown that high performance teams exhibit a mindset that sets them apart from low performing teams. A mindset is a set of beliefs or a way of thinking about something. High performance teams are defined by four key mindsets:
# Teams Need Clarity Above All Else
# High Performance Teams Lead Themselves
*[ The Remote Worker’s Guide to Work–Life Balance] -Studies show that people who work remotely are more productive per day, clocking a full 6–9 productive hours. That means they’re twice as productive as the office workers who are productive an average of 2–3 hours per day. However, this boost to productivity comes at a cost, and its true source has a dark side: Remote workers and freelancers might be more productive because they unplug from work much less. Here's a few tips to help maintain a proper work-life balance:
** Schedule out your week according to blocks** Only run work apps at certain times** Unplug from work for at least 5 hours per day
*[ Digital tools interrupt workers 14 times a day] - The constant chime of digital workplace tools including email, instant messaging or collaboration software interrupts knowledge workers 13.9 times on an average day, according to a survey of 3,750 global workers from Workfront.
*[ 'What's your purpose?' Big tech's 7 favorite interview questions] - Here are questions candidates will have to face when looking for a job at some of the leading names in tech:


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