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= Leadership Articles =
*[ The Two Big Reasons That Digital Transformations Fail]- Digital Transformation is the future of business, which is why we've spent over $100B between 2016 and 2018. But the expected results fail to materialize. Why?# Unspoken disagreement among top managers about goals# A divide between the digital capabilities supporting the pilot and the capabilities available to support scaling it*[ How to Know What to Prioritize at Work]- 5 Strategies to Help You Focus on the Right Things:# Choose your Tasks Proactively, Don’t Let Them Choose You# Pick the Tasks that are Important, not just Urgent# Choose the Tasks that are related to your GOALS# Choose the tasks that make other things on your To-Do list OBSOLETE, FASTER or EASIER# If you are still unsure what to focus on, pick the task that makes you the most UNCOMFORTABLE*[ DevSecOps model requires security get out of its comfort zone]- Three tips from a software developer turned security consultant:# 'A light touch'# Risk-based security strategy# DevSecOps chops*[ Leaving Comfort Zones]- *[ 3 things CIOs should discuss with the CEO to optimize cybersecurity]- # Adjust IT governance according to the business# Business-driven quantitative risk measurement# Business collaboration first; then, compliance comes naturally*[ Meet the CIOs of today: Resumes vary while scope widens]- *[ Gartner: How to succeed as a CIO with a non-IT background]-


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