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# Business-driven quantitative risk measurement
# Business collaboration first; then, compliance comes naturally
*[ Meet the CIOs of today: Resumes vary while scope widens] - The CIO's role depends on a company’s age, scale, industry and business-specific needs at any given time, but these are common traits for the new CIO role:** The board and the CEO prioritize value creation rather than efficiency** Technology leaders are members of the executive teams and collaborate with business** Focus remains on speed and agility*[ Gartner: How to succeed as a CIO with a non-IT background] - Here are three ways a CIO from a non-IT background can lean on their strengths and close their knowledge gaps to succeed in the role: # Learn your team's working life and assess the effectiveness of the IT operation# Leverage your business experience# Acquire a helicopter view of your enterprise IT architecture and a grounded view of the game-changer technologies


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