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= Leadership Articles =
* [ Gartner: Of the 4 manager types, only 1 boosts employee performance 26%]- There are four basic types of managers and their impacts on employee performance: ** Teachers - 7-9% positive impact on employee performance** Cheerleaders - 7-9% positive impact on employee performance** Always on - degrade employee performance** Connectors - boost employee performance by 26%* [ How to become a CIO thought leader]- Experts discuss how CIOs and IT leaders can utilize successful thought leadership to distinguish and promote either their companies or themselves.* [ Secrets of Success - How Divide and Conquer Strategy Generates efficiency to Systems and Boosts Productivity]- The Divide and Conquer strategy is one of the most useful computer science algorithms that you can use in your daily life. The definition of Divide and Conquer Strategy classifies into two parts: First, to divide a big task into multiple smaller tasks, tackle each job individually. Second, use either one or combine those smaller tasks to reach the desired result. It's a successful strategy for the following life events:** Divide Learning based on Breath instead of Depth** Searching* [ How to Look and Sound Confident During a Presentation]- Tips to wow the audience:** How to Look Confident*** Make eye contact*** Keep an open posture*** Use gestures** How to Sound Confident*** Eliminate filler words*** Take time to pause*** Vary your pace* [ 2020 IT spending priorities — and the traps a cloud shift creates]- In 2020, on-premise software accounts for 22% of technology budgets, while 25% are dedicated to SaaS, IaaS and PaaS. However, more than half of companies plan to decrease on premise-software spend, while 80% expect to boost SaaS and public cloud investments. The coming investment arises from companies' top-three technology initiatives: # digital transformation# cybersecurity# cloud adoption.* [ Failures must be expected in pursuit of digital innovation]- Gartner surveyed 144 senior executives across industries and found that "digitalization misconceptions" tops the list of concerns, while "lagging digitalization" ranks second. Last quarter's top emerging risk, "pace of change," continues to rank high, as it has in four previous emerging risk reports. How ca organizations support digital innovation?** Think like a startup, including smaller teams and developing minimal viable products** Everyone must have 'permission to disrupt', especially executives


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