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= Interview: Henry Harrison, Garrison =
[[File:HenryHarrison.png|right|220px|thumb|<center>'''[ Henry Harrison]'''<br> is the Cloud Chief Information Security Officer CTO of [ Garrison].</center>]] Henry is a seasoned technology industry executive and serial entrepreneur who has spent the last ten years focused on cyber security both as an independent consultant and as Technical Director for Cyber Security at UK defense and security company BAE Systems. Henry’s previous ventures include a desktop videoconferencing startup, and he has been responsible for developing and selling advanced electronics solutions into governments, telecommunications companies and financial services organizations amongst other sectors.<br><br>'''Segment Topic:'''<br>What is Hardsec?<br><br>'''Segment Description:'''<br>A contrarian in the security industry, Henry Harrison of Garrison believes the only way forward is to implement security on the foundational level through Hardsec. An evangelizing approach that emerged out of research and development from the UK’s national security, hardsec relies on hardware security executed through the use of non-turing machines digital logic – chips that are too dumb to be hacked – to eliminate cyber threats. This moves away from the generic chip sets and advocates for a more unique and specialized chip set for devices where security is paramount. During this conversation, Henry can talk about this approach and what it would take for it to become widely adopted.<br><br>'''Segment Resources:'''<br>

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