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#[ People are posting their genitals on Reddit to get STI diagnoses]
#[ Who is responsible for Active Directory security within your organization? - Help Net Security]
#[ Presentation Template: Build Your 2020 Security Plan]
#[ A Warning About Viruses From Weird Al]
#[ Apple publishes new technical details on privacy features]
#[ Facebook reveals privacy flaw in Groups]
#[ Bug Hunters Earn $195,000 for Hacking TVs, Routers, Phones at Pwn2Own | SecurityWeek.Com]
#[ Camgirl sites expose millions of members and users]
#[ How to ensure online safety with DNS over HTTPS]
#[ Mobile security firms will help protect Google Play - Help Net Security]
#[ Printers: The overlooked security threat in your enterprise | TECHtalk]
#[ Capital One Shifts Its CISO to New Role - Dark Reading]
#[ Amazons Ring Video Doorbell could open the door of your home to hackers]
#[ Bill Gates says people would be using Windows Mobile if not for the Microsoft antitrust case]
#[ What you probably didnt know about sudo]
#[ New 'unremovable' xHelper malware has infected 45,000 Android devices | ZDNet]


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