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= Interview: Pawan Shankar, [ Sysdig] =
[[File:PawanShankar.jpg|right|220px|thumb|<center>'''[ Daniel LowrieSysdig Pawan Shankar]'''<br> is an Edutainer at the Senior Product Marketing Manager of [ ITProTVSysdig Sysdig].</center>]] Pawan Shankar has over 8 years of experience in enterprise networking and security. Previously, he worked for Cisco as an SE and a PM working with large enterprises on datacenter/cloud networking and security solutions. He also spent time at Dome9 (acquired by Check Point) leading their security and compliance product marketing efforts. He is now a senior PMM at Sysdig focusing on their container security product --Sysdig Secure.<br><br>Pawan holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from UCLA and an MBA from UC Berkeley Haas.

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