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= Leadership Articles =
* [ Companies Need to Rethink What Cybersecurity Leadership Is]- For businesses today, cyber risk is everywhere. Yet for all the investments , companies are still struggling to make cybersecurity a vibrant, proactive part of strategy, operations, and culture. The root cause is twofold: (1) Cybersecurity is treated as a back-office job and (2) most cyber leaders are ill-equipped to exert strategic influence. Here's a framework for what business leaders must do to spur cybersecurity success:# Set your intent with cybersecurity strategy# Position the cybersecurity function to have influence# Get the right cyber leader for your needs* [ What Companies That Are Good at Innovation Get Right]- Innovation labs, technology scouting outposts, and accelerator programs to invest in startups have become ubiquitous in large companies. Yet, in some companies, all of that activity adds up to nothing more than “innovation theater.” But for the ones who get it right, here's what they do:# They hone their focus# They collaborate with key internal partners# They staff appropriately# They design incentive system# They monitor impact# They move beyond culture clashes* [ Staff in smaller businesses bogged down by poor communications]- Inadequate communications between senior management and staff in small to medium-sized enterprises is leading to poor decision-making.* [ Why You Should Be Sending More Video Emails … And How To Record Them]- Humans have been speaking to each other face-to-face for more than 150,000 years! In today’s digital age we are sending more and more emails, and speaking to each other less and less. Here's a video email guide:# Know When to Send a Video Email# Build Your Confidence# Get Your Gear (way less than you think)# Nail Your First Impression# Don’t use a script!# Talk to one person# Lighting: Know where it is# Practice, practice, practice to build confidence and success* [ Enterprises muddled over cloud security responsibilities]- Miscommunication in enterprises was identified as a major factor in cloud-native security breaches. There is a diverse range of views about who should take responsibility...* [ Top tech conferences to attend in 2020]- For the CISOs:** Suits & Spooks DC, Feb. 6-7, Washington D.C.** RSA Conference, Feb. 24-28, San Francisco** Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, June 1-4, National Harbor, Maryland** Black Hat USA, Aug. 1-6, Las Vegas** DEF CON 28, Aug. 6-9, Las Vegas** Global CISO Executive Summit, Sept. 21-23, Marana, Arizona** Forrester Security & Risk North America, Sept. 22-23, Washington D.C.


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