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== Description ==
It was once said that if Security and Compliance were in a relationship the status would be "It's Complicated". This discussion will aim to help you understand this relationship and how it can be beneficial or a mere distraction to an organization's overall security posture.
# Define "Secure" and "Compliant".
# Does compliance merely raise awareness about security shortcomings?
# What is the relationship between Security and Compliance?
# Being Secure and being Compliant are mere points in time, how can we best develop a process to ensure we are always striving to a secure and compliant state?
# How does Security impact and/or influence Compliance?
# How does Compliance impact and/or influence Security?
# How do you balance these extremes: "We will be Secure and ignore compliance" vs. "We will be compliant but ignore security"
== Guests ==
== Hosts ==


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