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#[ Netflix: BPF is a new type of software we use to run Linux apps securely in the kernel | ZDNet]
#[ Automated security tests with OWASP ZAP]
#[ HackerOne Breach Leads to $20,000 Bounty Reward]
#[ OpenBSD patches authentication bypass, privilege escalation vulnerabilities | ZDNet]
#[ HackerOne breach lets outside hacker read customers private bug reports]
#[ Hackers Find Ways Around a Years-Old Microsoft Outlook Fix]
#[ Two malicious Python libraries caught stealing SSH and GPG keys | ZDNet]
#[ Mystery Server Found to Host Private Data in the Open for 1.2...]
#[ Palo Alto Networks Employee Data Breach Highlights Risks Posed by Third Party Vendors]
#[ Hacking robotic vehicles is easier than you might think - Help Net Security]
#[ If You Bought a Smart TV on Black Friday, the FBI Has a Warning for You]
#[ New crypto-cracking record reached, with less help than usual from Moores Law]
#[ Inside Mastercard's Push for Continuous Security | SecurityWeek.Com]
#[ Screw Productivity Hacks: My Morning Routine Is Getting up Late]


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