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#[ IoT and Agile Framework Partners in Efficacy] - One thing missing here is the contract with security. Sure, Agile works to ensure the requirements are met for the customer, but what are the security requirements and who is testing for them?
#[ Top 10 Useful GitHub Repos That Every Developer Should Follow - GeeksforGeeks] - I wish I had found this 8 months ago! Some great examples.
#[ GitHub Seeks Security Dominance With Developers]- ''CodeQL, obtained from its acquisition of Semmle in September 2019, is being provided free-of-charge to open source developers and academic researchers. The goal is to build up a library of CodeQL queries that can detect security flaws in an automated fashion, and GitHub has created financial incentives under a bug bounty program with two main payout classes: individual bugs and broader, cross-ecosystem bug types.''
#[ Java vs. Python: Which should you choose?]
#[ Introduction to Faucet Python documentation]


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