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#[ GitHub Seeks Security Dominance With Developers] - ''CodeQL, obtained from its acquisition of Semmle in September 2019, is being provided free-of-charge to open source developers and academic researchers. The goal is to build up a library of CodeQL queries that can detect security flaws in an automated fashion, and GitHub has created financial incentives under a bug bounty program with two main payout classes: individual bugs and broader, cross-ecosystem bug types.''
#[ Java vs. Python: Which should you choose?] - As applications become more distributed, in containers and access each other via API, conceivably you could have both in your application. What does this mean for security?
#[ Introduction to Faucet Python documentation]
#[ WhiteSource acquires & open sources Renovate dependency update toolset - Open Source Insider]
#[ Which movies or series about programming would you recommend?]


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