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#[ Java vs. Python: Which should you choose?] - As applications become more distributed, in containers and access each other via API, conceivably you could have both in your application. What does this mean for security?
#[ WhiteSource acquires & open sources Renovate dependency update toolset - Open Source Insider] - ''Founder of Renovate Rhys Arkins explains that Renovate was developed because running user-facing applications with outdated dependencies is not a serious option for software projects – or at least it shouldn’t be. As we know, using outdated dependencies increases the likelihood of unfixed bugs and increases the quantity and impact of security vulnerabilities within software applications.''
#[ Which movies or series about programming would you recommend?]- Just wanted to mention "Halt and Catch Fire", which I thought was awesome ([ So did this person]).
#[ THE WORLD RUNS ON OPEN-SOURCE, BUT WHOS PAYING FOR GAS?] - It's a great point: ''Thousands of open source projects are abandoned every year by their developers, leaving their users in a bind. That is a big issue for the companies who spend billions of dollars every year for handling obsolete, undocumented and generally unmaintained open source projects used in their commercial software. When a company assigns a $50/hr developer to fix a bug in a ‘free’ piece of software, it stops being free. Why not pay the original developer for a great open source project that frees corporate resources to tackle mission-critical tasks?''
#[ SOLID Principles of Object-Oriented Design]


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