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#[ Why Working Alone Is Smart: 4 Strategies to Find Time for Yourself]
#[ What isn't 'as a Service' in enterprise technology?] - ''Failure to adopt to the trend will come at a price, according to the tech leaders, who fear lagging adoption will bring about higher costs of maintenance (41%), office space (33%) and power (31%). It will also make their companies more susceptible to cyberattacks in the future, 35% of respondents said. '' - Remember, those percentages are not 100%, the "as a Service" decision is a case-by-case basis.
#[ the 3 lists you should be making]- I liked one of the graphics here, it suggests a matrix for urgent/not urgent and important / not important. Delegate the tasks that are urgent, but not important. Great ;TLDR: ''Short-term priorities (break into errands/actual priorities): Don’t focus 100% of your time on these — make sure you’re prioritizing them and working on items that came from list #2 as well. Long-term priorities (things that will move the needle but aren’t necessarily urgent): Break these down into short-term priorities so you will get them done. Things you’ve done: Reflect on these and figure out if you’re spending your time on the appropriate things.''
#[ 100 Customers hit by Ransomware Attack MSP] - Sometimes saving some $$ upfront is not the best decision. Look at the long term and host with a reputable provider that can grow with you and offer more, and better, services to accommodate growth and more importantly stability and security.
#[ Enterprises muddled over cloud security responsibilities] - We talked about this last week, what really got me the second time was how many companies believe they are "cloud-first" or "Already all in the cloud". What does that really mean? Does it matter?
#[ Screw Productivity Hacks: My Morning Routine Is Getting up Late] - I love this article: ''I am not an early riser. I don’t find mornings invigorating, I don’t do yoga with the sun coming up, I don’t read the paper in a quiet corner or sip on hot coffee as I check my email. I hate that shit.''


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