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#[ How Panasonic is using internet honeypots to improve IoT device security]- This is really cool: '' in order to ensure development teams have as much information about potential security vulnerabilities in products as possible, both unreleased and on-the-market products are placed in the honeypots, which are monitored to gain insight into how devices are attacked by real-world hackers. "We deploy our real appliances as a honeypot and we collect attacks and malware targeting our devices. We can deploy products under development as well," Osawa explained. The Panasonic IoT threat-intelligence platform has been active for two years and in that time the company has collected information on about 30 million cyberattacks and 4,000 kinds of IoT malware – all attacks that are targeting real devices put through the security tests.''
#[ A new Windows 10 ransomware threat? Examining claims of a potentially unstoppable vulnerability]
#[ Birth Certificate Data Laid Bare on the Web in Multiple States]


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