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#[ Your Smart Christmas Lights Are Safer Than They Were Last Year]- There is hope for IoT security! (and I own these lights, and hopefully the new version...or maybe hopefully the old version so I can more easily hack my Christmas tree): ''The good news is that researchers at Pen Test compared tests they did on the Twinkly lights (from the manufacturer LEDWORKs) last year to the new version of the lights released for the 2019 holiday season and found most of the issues to be solved. LEDWORKS replaced the ESP8266 module with the slightly more secure ESP32, which researchers mentioned in their public research about the security of the lights last year was a better option than the one already in the product.''
#[ Exploring Legacy Unix Security Issues | Liquidmatrix Security Digest]
#[ Intels SGX coughs up crypto keys when scientists tweak CPU voltage]


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