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#[ Web-hosting firm 1&1 hit by almost €10 million GDPR fine over poor security at call centre] Largest GDPR fine so far. Fine being appealed, security approved, initially too easy to obtain other customer data.
#[ iPR Software Exposed Thousands via a Humongous Corporate Data Leak] Marketing firm iPR Software exposed thousands of customer records for a month through protected S3 bucket. Organizations affected include General Electric, Dunkin Donuts, CenturyLink, Xerox, Nasdaq, California Courts and Mercury Public Affairs. Bucket open 10/15-11/26/19.
#[ Mobile Devices Blur Work and Personal Privacy Increasing Cyber Risks] Queensland University of Technology released study organizations are not reacting quickly enough to mitigate risks associated with workspace personal device use, particularly BYOD.#[ FBI assesses Russian apps may be counterintelligence threat] Particular concerns over FaceApp and Russian laws which permit government access to device and user data.
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