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= Leadership Articles =
* [ Why Crowdsourcing Often Leads to Bad Ideas]- Crowdsourcing is fast emerging as a mainstream innovation channel for companies. However, most crowdsourcing initiatives end up with an overwhelming amount of useless ideas. The key to harnessing innovative potential of crowdsourcing is not motivating everyone and getting the largest possible number of ideas, but designing an incentive structure that attracts the right people.* [ Transforming operations for successful cloud adoption]- Still considering making the move to the cloud? Here are best practices and cloud-centric processes CIOs should follow to enable a successful cloud implementation:** Form a cloud team with clearly designated roles and skillsets** Standardize cloud policies** Institute proper governance** Form a cloud concierge** Leverage architecture standardization** Create a FinOps team for driving cost savings strategies* [ Do You Need Charisma to Be a Great Public Speaker?]- No, but you need presence... Presence is simply the ability to be fully present with the people in the room and the message you are delivering to them. * [ 4 Steps to Communicate Anything Clearly, According to a Scientist Who Teaches Quantum Physics to Kids]- Physicist Dominic Walliman shares four communication principles he follows to clearly communicate the dense topics, even to dense kids:# Start by meeting your audience where they're at# Don't lose the plot# Go for clarity over accuracy# Explain why you're so passionate about your topic* [ 20 Tools for More Productive Email]- Let's take a look at some of the best email apps and services to see if they can help Paul...* [ Fight the skills gap with a great upskilling and reskilling strategy]- If your organization is facing a serious talent shortage, take matters into your own hands with upskilling and reskilling.** Upskilling is the process of providing employees with new skills to do their existing job more effectively. ** Reskilling is the process of providing employees with new skills so that they can perform a different job.


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