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= Interview: Ward Cobleigh, [ VIAVI] =<!-- [[File:BrittaGladeWardCobleigh.jpg|left|220px|thumb|<center>'''[ Britta Gladein/ward-cobleigh Ward Cobleigh]'''<br> is the Director, Content and Curation Product Line Manager for [ RSA ConferenceViavi VIAVI].</center>]] -->Ward Cobleigh, Sr Product Manager for VIAVI Solutions, understands the balancing act between network ops and security that IT pros are facing today along with the challenges they have in solving issues due to limited visibility and complexity. His experience in engineering, product management plus design and marketing give him a unique ability to cut to the heart of the problem and demonstrate solutions that give engineers a sigh of relief. He brings a refreshing bit of humor to the dry, technical topic of network performance management and security threat hunting.

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