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==Security News==
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<B>Security Weekly News Wrap Up -- 14 Week of 12 -- January -- 2020 </b><ul> <B>News Stories</b><li> -- Tesla goes pwn2own again this year.</li><li> -- GRU "hacks" a Ukranian gas company at the heart of scandals in DC.</li><li> -- Is Iran shutting down social media to prevent protests?</li><li> -- and... the US government issues phones to the poor which contain Chinese Malware. Oh, and the phones were Chinese too.</li><li> -- Cloudflare expands into VPN and firewalling</li><li> -- Microsoft has officially ended support for Win 7 and Server 2008</li><li> -- and a nasty bug in Firefox </li><li> -- Citrix exploits are being well...exploited.</li><li> -- can we just go ahead and read the patterns in encryption?</li><li> -- Cisco Data Center Vulnerabilities </li><li> -- More lawsuits in Georgia </li><li> -- the return of emotet </li><li> -- never give the victim a break if you want them to pay </li><li> -- Is the US better than anyone in the world at Cyber? </li> 


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