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= Interview: Al Ghous, ServiceMax =
[[File:AlGhous2.jpg|right|250px|thumb|<center>'''[ AlGhous]'''is the VP and Head of Security of [ ServiceMax]</center>]]Al Ghous is the Head of Security at ServiceMax, a Cloud platform focused on field service management and automation. Prior to ServiceMax, Al was responsible for Platform, Product and IoT security for GE Digital. Al has been in the Cyber Security industry for 20 years contributing in different capacities from Product Security and Risk Management to Solution Consulting and Security Architecture. He has held other leadership roles in organizations such as Ernst and Young, Oracle, Kaiser Permanente and Informatica to name a few.<br><br>Al is active in the Cyber Security industry and part of several industry organizations and consortiums, as well as member of several advisory boards. As an Advisor, Al takes pride in helping Security Startups and their Founders focus on product development while maturing their Security posture to attract customers and investors alike.<br><br>'''Segment Topic:'''<br> Startup Security – It’s Everyone's Business<br><br>'''Segment Description'''<br>With the growing number of Security startups, often times the need for a quick go to market supersedes developing basic Security hygiene. However, the enterprise customers that startups want to attract will not do business unless they pass their third-party risk review. The question then becomes, how can startups build security within, without inhibiting their GTM strategy or increases in expenditure, in order to attract enterprise customers?To bridge this gap, a like-minded group of investors and CISOs got together to develop a framework that would empower startups with reasonable security controls. And when intelligently applied, have a favorable cost-effect ratio. Simply put: strives to help early stage startups solve for their greatest security risks, in a balanced way, and in a manner, that’s sustainable and doesn’t demand great security expertise or cost.<br><br>'''Segment Resources:'''<br>
* Per Gartner, there was projected to be significant growth in the Cyber Security spend in 2019:


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