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= Tech Segment: Adventures In AWS Computing - 6:45PM-7:30PM =
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== Paul's Stories ==
== LarryPatrick's Stories ==#[ No way! The Iowa election results web app is hackable! Who could have guessed?] While there is no evidence hackers intercepted or tampered with the results, Veracode found that the app lacks key safeguards.
== Jeff's Stories ==
#[ This Sculpture Holds a Decades-Old C.I.A. Mystery. And Now, Another Clue.]
#[ Documents Reveal How the NSA Cracked the Kryptos Sculpture Years Before the CIA]
#[ Ransomware Attack on Hospital Shows New Risk for Muni-Bond Issuers]
#[ Critical Cisco ‘CDPwn’ Flaws Break Network Segmentation]
#[ Facebook urged to halt encryption push over child abuse concerns]
== Lee's Stories ==
#[ Twitter fixes API bug] Bug in API that could be used to reveal users by matching names and phone numberes, if they have the "let people who have your phone number find you on Twitter" setting on.
#[ Microsoft patches flaws in Azure stack] CVE-2019-1372, a high risk vulnerability as it allows RCE as system & CFE-201-1234, a low risk vulnerability.
#[ 8 cities that have been crippled by Cyberattacks and what they did to fight them] Here is how attacks on Atlanta, Baltimore, St. Lucie, New Bedford, New Orleans, Greenville, PensicolaPensacola, and Wilmer were handled them.#[ Hackers Can Hijack Your House Through Your Lightbulb, Researchers Warn] ZigBee flaw permits Philips Hue lightbulb takeover. Low risk, CVE-2020-6007 patch available from Phillips. [ Report from Check Point]#[ 5 router settings to keep hackers off your cameras, smart speakers and network] Some basic settings that help raise the bar on home network security. See also Joff's Blog [ 10 Ways to Protect Your Online Digital Life - Black Hills Information Security] #[ Reaearcher finds over 60 vulnerabilities in Physical Security systems] Researcher Joachim Kerschbaumer identified 60 vulnerabilities across 20 physical security products, including flaws that allow takeover.
== Tyler's Stories ==
#[ Hacking Air Gapped Computers]
#[ The 2020 Disinformation War]
#[ Charming Kitten Hackers Impersonate Journalist in Phishing Attacks]
#[ Community Housing Nonprofit Hit with $1.2M Loss in BEC Scam]
#[ Adversary Exposed How One Criminal Attempted to Sell an Msp on the Dark WEb]
#[ Hack WhatsApp]
#[ Facebook Gets Patent to Track Users' Television Viewing]
#[ Hackers took over Twitter accounts for the NFL and a bunch of teams, including Super Bowl contenders 49ers and Chiefs]
#[ Hacking Leads to Fake Story Claiming US Soldier in Lithuania Has CoronaVirus]
#[ Google admits it sent private videos in Google Photos to strangers]
#[ Iowa Precinct Chair Reports Stuggles with Caucus Phone App]
#[ Twitter Says an Attacker Used its API to Match Usernames to Phone Numbers]
#[ Ex-CIA Engineer Goes on Trial for Massive Leak]
#[ Ex-CIA Engineer Goes on Trial for Massive Leak]
#[ Graduation Day Cyber Threat Intelligence Intelligence]
#[ There's No Evidence Saudis Hacked Jeff]
#[ Ashley Madison Breach from 2015 Being Used in Sextortion Scams]
#[ Where Computing is Headed Beyond Quantum]
#[ 5 Zero-day Vunlerabilities in Cisco Discovery Protocol Impacting Tens of Millions of Devices]
== Joff's Stories ==
#[ 10 Ways to Protect Your Online Digital Life - Black Hills Information Security] Basic advice in human terms to secure your online digital life.


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