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#[ The 2020 Disinformation War]
#[ Charming Kitten Hackers Impersonate Journalist in Phishing Attacks]
#[ Community Housing Nonprofit Hit with $1.2M Loss in Non-Profit BEC Scam]#[ Adversary Exposed: How One Criminal Attempted to Sell an MSP Msp on the Dark WebWEb]#[ This Hack WhatsApp Bug Could Have Let Attackers Access Files On Your PCs]#[ Facebook Gets Patent To to Track Users’ Users' Television Viewing]#[ Hackers took over Twitter accounts for the NFL and a bunch of teams, including Super Bowl contenders 49ers and ChiefsAGnicfnHSTCePo62Tw6MMqg Surprise]#[ Hacking Leads to Fake Story Claiming US Soldier in Lithuania Has CoronaVirus]#[ Google Photos Privacy Breach Takeout Data Video Strangers]#[ Iowa Precinct Chair Reports Stuggles with Caucus Phone App]#[ Twitter Says an Attacker Used its API to Match Usernames to Phone Numbers]#[ Surprise]#[ Ex-CIA Engineer Goes on Trial for Massive Leak]#[ Graduation Day Cyber Threat Intelligence Intelligence]#['s No Evidence Saudis Hacked Jeff]#[ Madison Breach from 2015 Being Used in Sextortion Scams]#[ Computing is Headed Beyond Quantum]#[]
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