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#[ 8 cities that have been crippled by Cyberattacks and what they did to fight them] Here is how attacks on Atlanta, Baltimore, St. Lucie, New Bedford, New Orleans, Greenville, Pensacola, and Wilmer were handled.
#[ Hackers Can Hijack Your House Through Your Lightbulb, Researchers Warn] ZigBee flaw permits Philips Hue lightbulb takeover. Low risk, CVE-2020-6007 patch available from Phillips. [ Report from Check Point]
#[ 5 router settings to keep hackers off your cameras, smart speakers and network] Some basic settings that help raise the bar on home network security. See also Joff's Blog [ 10 Ways to Protect Your Online Digital Life - Black Hills Information Security]
#[ Reaearcher finds over 60 vulnerabilities in Physical Security systems] Researcher Joachim Kerschbaumer identified 60 vulnerabilities across 20 physical security products, including flaws that allow takeover.
#[ The 2020 Disinformation War]
#[ Charming Kitten Hackers Impersonate Journalist in Phishing Attacks]
#[ Community Housing Non-Profit Nonprofit Hit with $1.2M Loss in BEC Scam]
#[ Adversary Exposed How One Criminal Attempted to Sell an Msp on the Dark WEb]
#[ Hack WhatsApp]
#[ Hackers took over Twitter accounts for the NFL and a bunch of teams, including Super Bowl contenders 49ers and Chiefs]
#[ Hacking Leads to Fake Story Claiming US Soldier in Lithuania Has CoronaVirus]
#[ Google admits it sent private videos in Google Photos Privacy Breach Takeout Data Video Strangersto strangers]
#[ Iowa Precinct Chair Reports Stuggles with Caucus Phone App]
#[ Twitter Says an Attacker Used its API to Match Usernames to Phone Numbers]
== Joff's Stories ==
#[ 10 Ways to Protect Your Online Digital Life - Black Hills Information Security] Basic advice in human terms to secure your online digital life.


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