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= Interview: Dr. Mike Lloyd, RedSeal =
[[File:MikeLloyd.jpg|thumb|<center>[ Mike Lloyd] is the CTO at [ RedSeal ]</center>]] Dr. Mike Lloyd has more than 25 years of experience in the modeling and control of fast-moving, complex systems. He has been granted 21 patents on security, network assessment, and dynamic network control. Before joining RedSeal, Mike Lloyd was Chief Technology Officer at RouteScience Technologies (acquired by Avaya), where he pioneered self-optimizing networks. Mike served as principal architect at Cisco on the technology used to overlay MPLS VPN services across service provider backbones. He joined Cisco through the acquisition of Netsys Technologies, where he was the senior network modeling engineer.<br><br>Mike holds a degree in mathematics from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, and a PhD in stochastic epidemic modeling from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland.<br><br>'''Segment Topic:'''<br>The Critical Role of Basic Cyber Hygiene<br><br>'''Segment Description:'''<br>Doing simple things consistently and at scale is hard. Today's short staffing doesn't help. Automation is the answer.
'''Segment Questions:'''
* What are the security basics?
* How does this relate to hygiene?
* Should the basics cover things you should do, like patching or be more focused on defending against attacker techniques?
* What is the best way to prioritize defenses?
* What can we do to get folks more focused on configuration and less on patching/firewalls/AV?
* What is the most efficient way to get an accurate picture of IT assets and risk when you are a new CSO?


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