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= Interview: Dan PetitChris Eng, [ InfoSec World Speaker] Veracode =[[File:DanPetitChrisEng.jpg|right|250px|thumb|<center>'''[ Dan Petitchriseng Chris Eng]'''is a Principal DevOps Architect & will be speaking the Chief Research Officer at [ InfoSec World SpeakerVeracode].</center>]] Dan Petit has been deep in Chris Eng is Chief Research Officer at Veracode. A founding member of the development world Veracode team, he is responsible for most of his working lifeall research initiatives including applied research, product security, serving as a developerresearch, consultantand Veracode Labs. In addition to research, architecthe consults with customers to advance their application security initiatives. Chris is a frequent speaker at industry conferences, and technical leader he serves on program committees for a wide-variety of companies in Black Hat USA and the aerospace, telecommunications, insuranceKaspersky Security Analyst Summit. Bloomberg, hospitalityFox Business, logisticsCBS, and service industriesother prominent media outlets have featured Chris in their coverage. Throughout his career, Dan and his teams have been responsible for large-scale DevOps adoption and transformationsPreviously, reducing cycle time of application changes from weeks to hours across dozens of agile development teams. He is currently Principal DevOps Architect for Hilton. He authored the book Real Visual Basic and numerous Chris was technical articles, director at Symantec (formerly @stake) and teaches a two-day “deep dive” DevSecOps workshop for the FedEx Institute of Technology an engineer at the University of MemphisNational Security Agency.<br><br>'''Segment Topic:'''<br>InfoSec World Workshop: DevSecOps and Cultural Transformation<br><br>'''Segment Description:'''<br>Discussion of my upcoming 2-day workshop at InfoSec World. The workshop is a "deep survey" into all things DevSecOps.<br><br>'''Segment Resources:'''<br>The DevSecOps movement seeks to resolve competing objectives by creating truly cross-functional teams that are empowered to do everything involved with creating and operating software without involving other teams. This is achieved through extensive automation of most manual tasks. However, implementing DevSecOps goes far beyond tools and processes. It is a cultural change involving most aspects of software development. This two-day workshop explores what “DevSecOps” means in practice, with particular emphasis on leading the transformation from a traditional software development/support mindset to one supported by DevSecOps principles.# Why DevSecOps is important and its place in an Agile context?# How to get started with the transformation, along with its impact on culture and organization?# How to design and implement DevSecOps pipelines as a framework for automation?# Driving high quality and faster turnaround through Automated Testing?# Reducing cycle time with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery?# How to measure progress and success in the transformation# Driving operational transformation through Infrastructure As Code concepts# Impact of DevSecOps on systems architecture and development processes# How DevSecOps affects Security and Compliance?

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