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= Interview: Jinan Budge, Forrester Analyst =
<!--[[File:JinanBudge.jpg|right|250px|thumb|<center>'''[https://richardaclarketwitter.netcom/ JinanBudge Jinan Budge]'''is the CEO Principal Analyst Security & Risk at [ Forrester Analyst]</center>]] Jinan leads Forrester's offerings for security and risk professionals in Asia Pacific. She covers research on the role of the CISO, specializing in topics related to CISO leadership skills, managing politics, security strategy, budgets, and presenting to the board. Jinan also leads Forrester’s global coverage for security awareness, behavior & culture. Her research also includes security services, featuring Asia Pacific coverage of managed security services and professional security services. Jinan collaborates with the global security research team in Forrester’s forward--looking research on security innovation, the security market, and security predictions. Prior to joining Forrester, Jinan was Director Cybersecurity Strategy & Governance at TfNSW and with Qantas Airlines prior to that. She combines her practitioner experience with her market perspective to deliver pragmatic research, also bringing global insights to the local market.<br><br>'''Topic:'''<br>CISO Leadership, Culture, and the Evolving Role

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