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*[ Stepping into a Leadership Role? Be Ready to Tell Your Story.] - Research shows that having a 90-day plan with 30-day and 60-day milestones along the way increases your chances of success. But while these plans are great tools, direct reports will evaluate who you are and what you bring to the table long before you hit those milestones. To address your employees, make sure your pitch provides information on competence and change, experience and expectations, and your overall leadership approach. A few do's and don'ts:# Don’t overshare, but do relate to reports on a personal level.# Don’t just share your résumé, but do tell them your “story.”*[ Leaders, Do You Have a Clear Vision for the Post-Crisis Future?] - Vision is especially urgent during a crisis as global and systematic as this one. The business environment that you land may be very different from what it was before the crisis began. You need to begin preparing for it now.# Spend time envisioning your future.# Develop a strategy to walk back your envisioned future to today.# Be prepared to learn and pivot.# Rally your team around your vision.*[ Leaders 'don't have a clue' how to manage employee data to lower risk] - A new Forrester report states that data surge is one of four seismic shifts impacting businesses in the decade ahead. "Beyond data security and protection standards, numerous government and industry regulations like GDPR bind workforce data," Forrester writes. "These complex regulations will increase, making it more difficult to determine what employee and workforce information you can collect and how you can use it."*[ Supply chain transparency: Technology, partnership and progress] - Compliance is mostly voluntary for suppliers, and brand owners don't have to disclose everything. Data collection is mostly manual. Wen need supply chain transparency based on technology and partnership. Supply chain transparency has two components: supply chain visibility and disclosure, says Alexis Bateman, director of MIT's Sustainable Supply Chains initiative. Visibility is data about every link in the supply chain. Disclosure is communicating that information to internal and external stakeholders.*[ 3 recession scenarios and their impact on tech spend] - With budgets frozen, long-term projects and spending will take a hit, which impacts vendor stability. Here are the three scenarios we can expext:# Scenario A - 30% probability: Best case, the pandemic peaks this quarter, having the largest economic impact in Q2 and Q3, but rebounding in Q4. It would result in U.S. tech spending falling 5% in 2020. # Scenario B - 60% probability: Pandemic and economic contraction last through 2020, with recovery in mid-2021. It would result in tech budget spending cuts of 9% this year and 5% in 2021. # Scenario C - 10% probability: The pandemic recurs and the economic downturn extends into 2021. Deep and long revenue declines would cause companies to breach or renegotiate contracts. "Modeling these impacts is not possible at this time," Forrester said. *[ Covid-19 will leave its legacy on global IT services] -IT services buying and selling will go through a transformation during the Covid-19 crisis. According to IT services advisory ISG, in its latest update on the global IT services market, discretionary IT spend in businesses is being reduced by up to 25%, while major technology investments are being delayed by between 90 and 120 days at many businesses.


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