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<li>Learn how penetration testing reduces risk in our next live webcast with Core Security (a Help Systems Company). Register for our upcoming webcasts or virtual trainings by visiting You can also access our on-demand library of previously recorded webcasts/trainings by visiting </li>
<li>Join us at InfoSecWorld 2020 - June 22nd-24th now a fully virtual event! Security Weekly listeners save 15% off the InfoSec World Main Conference or World Pass! Visit, click the register button to register with our discount code!</li>
Executing on a successful program and proving its efficacy is an impossibility for many security teams. Tune in as we discuss what steps you can take immediately to set more effective goals, track progress and share your success. You&#39;ll also have the opportunity to see how Rapid7&#39;s Vulnerability Management solution, InsightVM can help you create and contextualize metrics that your non-technical leadership and board—as well as your users—can understand.
To learn more about Rapid7, or to request a Demo, visit:
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Image:John_Strand-0.jpg|<center>[ John Strand] - Founder; Security Professional at Black Hills Information Security</center>
Image:MattAlderman-0.png|<center>[ Matt Alderman] - CEO at Security Weekly</center>


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