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* [ "I met you yesterday at SANS and was wondering if you could help me promote my mentor session of SEC508 starting on September 23rd. If you could forward this invitation onto your network of contacts, that would be awesome."] - Evan
* Beer, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter
= White Wolf Interview =
* So, tell us about this year's ICE games at SANS Las Vegas!
* What are the rules?
* What kind of systems will there be to hack into?
* How does the scoring work?
* Will there be fabulous prizes?
* How does the game work each night?
* What tools will be available to each team?
= Interview: Kismet - Mike Kershaw, Renderman, Thorn =
* So, for those that may not know, what is Kismet? Why should you use it? What platforms does it run on?
* What are the differences in the branches of Kismet? (Stable, dev, and new-core)
* Describe some of the challenges to wireless sniff, wireless IDS, and wardriving
* What hardware do you recommend for wireless penetration testing?
* So, whats in the book? What do people learn from reading the book?
* Tell us about wi-spy and how it integrates
* How can IT professionals


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