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[ Cheap SSD Drives] - [Larry] great, they are getting cheap - 32 Gig for $99, although slower and more power hungry than spinning disk. I bring this up, because the SSD drives provide a significant barrier to recovering deleted and or modified. This makes it very difficult to perform any type of forensics on these drives. How, as an industry do we deal with this situation? Not allow for system disks to utilize SSD?
[ Secure RFID Technology?] - [PaulDotCom] - Continuing our discussion from last week, here is a story about a new technology from Verayo which aims to use PUF (Physical Unclonable Functions) to generate a random identifier. Truth? Fiction? Who knows, this is why testing the security of devices is so important. [ Read more here]
[ Encryption is great!] - [Larry] - but bad implementations, and those that retrieve encrypted passwords are bad. We say all the time to use tried and try encryption algorithms, an this USB key manufacturer did just that. However, they added the ability for the password that is also used to access the device to be checked against a history of passwords. This function resides in memory, and brute force of the passwords can be conducted.


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