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[ You own the hardware] - [Larry] - You own the hardware, so tinker with it. There is already some folks poking at the Esquire magazine E-ink cover. Sure, not a device that has huge security implications, but take ownership of all of the other small (or large) devices that you network in your home or office.
[ Wireless Driver Vulns, and no patches, oh my!] - [PaulDotCom] - Laurent Butti and Julien Tinnes
from France Telecom have found vulnerabilities (DoS, possible remote code) in several wireless chipsets. For example, the Netgear WN802T (firmware 1.3.16) with MARVELL 88W8361P-BEM1 chipset is vulnerable to a bug that "...can be triggered by a malicious association request to the wireless access point with a Null SSID." Wow, thats pretty easy, and guess what, NO PATCH.
[ Twitter to spread malware] - [Larry] - I'd have liked to see more, less user interaction. See blog post.


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