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# [ CISO vs. CEO: How executives rate their security posture] - According to a survey of 200 CEOs and CISOs from The Wall Street Journal Intelligence and Forcepoint, CISOs believe in the effectiveness of their digital and security maturity more than their CEOs. The report also measured leaders vs. non-leaders, with the following results:
** Leaders in cybersecurity have more discipline for implementing strategy on a regular basis, whereas non-leaders were more likely to update their cybersecurity strategy "intermittently"** About two-thirds of executives are considered "non-leaders" with only 39% having their boards of directors "fully engaged" with security strategy** The remaining executives scored "the highest possible rating for digital maturity, cybersecurity effectiveness, and cybersecurity talent and acquisition" with 82% having their boards of directors "fully engaged" with security strategy ** 70% of leaders are more concerned with increasing agility than reducing costs, compared to 57% of non-leaders** Nearly two-thirds of leaders value protecting consumer data over organizational intellectual property, compared to 56% of non-leaders
# [ CISO stress – moving from recognition to action] - Cyber criminals are enjoying a boom during the Covid-19 pandemic, and security teams are working overtime as a result. How can security professionals manage their increased workload, safeguard their mental wellbeing and avoid burnout?
# [ 3 Reasons Why Cybersecurity Is Not A Technical Problem] - Cyber risk is getting worse, but understanding and managing it needs to get better immediately. Below are the top three reasons why cybersecurity should no longer be just viewed as a technical problem...


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