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=== Announcements ===
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<li>Layer 8 is Going Virtual! The conference will still be held on Saturday June 6th. Security Weekly listeners save $20 on their ticket by visiting and using the promo code &#34;SecurityWeekly&#34; before selecting your ticket type! Please consider supporting Layer8 or one of their partner organizations when purchasing your ticket! Some of the Security Weekly team will be in our own channel on the Layer8 Discord server answering questions and possibly doing some contests!</li>
=== Description ===
<gallery mode="nolines" widths=175px heights=175px>
Image:Jeff_Man_2-0.jpg|<center>[ Jeff Man] - Sr. InfoSec Consultant at Online Business Systems</center>
Image:Joff_Thyer-0.jpg|<center>[ Joff Thyer] - Security Analyst at Black Hills Information Security</center>
Image:larry_headshot-0.jpg|<center>[ Larry Pesce] - Senior Managing Consultant and Director of Research at InGuardians</center>
Image:Lee_Neely-0.jpg|<center>[ Lee Neely] - Senior Cyber Analyst at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory</center>
Image:Paul_Asadoorian-0.png|<center>[ Paul Asadoorian] - Founder &amp; CTO at Security Weekly</center>
Image:Tyler_Robinson-0.png|<center>[ Tyler Robinson] - Managing Director of Network Operations at Nisos, Inc</center>


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