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* [ Challenges of a New CISO: The First Year]- The first year as a new CISO can be exhilarating and at times downright frightening. Early on, the emphasis is on learning the lay of the land of your new organization, assessing the company’s security maturity level, developing a business-focused security strategy and building up the relationships and political capital needed to make it a reality. What’s next?** How Will You Put Your Plans into Action?** Be Seen as a Business Enabler** Demonstrating Business Value** Handling Changes to the Business Landscape* [ Why a robust security culture begins with people]- A recent study by ClubCISO, supported by Telstra Purple, surveyed 100 CISOs and identified cyber resilience as one of the top three hot topics on the CISO radar, along with security culture and cloud security. * [,20200603,99312.html Research from MIT Sloan Indicates Top CISO Priority is Enhancing Coverage for a Wide Variety of Attack Types and Surfaces]- Attivo Networks, in participation with SINC and MIT Sloan, published a research report entitled “[ The Cybersecurity Landscape: Challenges and How to Overcome Them].” Here are some of the key findings:** With more people working from home, attacks that disrupt services or use credential theft are top concerns, along with the need to protect cloud architectures and critical access resources like Active Directory.** Executives are prioritizing security investments that help them fight disruption of service and ensure compliance.** A significant concern is ransomware, in part because business continuity and maintaining uptime are of utmost importance to keep operations running.* [ How Cybersecurity Leaders Can Chart the Seas of Business Communication]- As organizations prepare for the remainder of 2020, cybersecurity leaders can use this opportunity to review their communication style and improve how they share key messages across the organization. Here's a few tips:** Set Your Sails - Craft your message** There’s No Sailing Without a MAST: Medium, Allies, Space, Time** Align With Organizational Winds - Have your finger on the pulse of the business and to know and support the direction it has chosen.* [ Cyber Security Is A Global Threat]- On this episode, private sector executive talk cyber security, including:** Encouraging The Private Sector To Invest In Cyber Security** The Business Case For Cyber Security** The Ultimate Multitasker** COVID-19 And Cybersecurity** New Technology* [ CIO strategies for COVID-19 require new long-term IT planning]- CIOs "need to have some eye on the future" to align IT networks, systems and applications with post-pandemic enterprise demands in a cost-effective way, states Gartner analyst Paul Proctor. Here are where companies should focus:** Survive now, thrive later** Strategic alignment on IT budget growth** A faster pace on digital transformation projects


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