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#[ Driver Vulnerabilities Facilitate Attacks on ATMs, PoS Systems | SecurityWeek.Com]
#[ Researchers Show How Hackers Can Target ICS via Barcode Scanners | SecurityWeek.Com]
#[ Things that happen every four years: Olympic Games, Presidential elections, and now new Mac ransomware]- ''Malwarebytes director of Mac and Mobile Thomas Reed said in one sample he analyzed, the malware posed as an installer for the legit, and highly useful, network monitoring tool Little Snitch. EvilQuest has also been spotted pretending to be music-making suite Ableton Live and tuning software Mixed in Key. K7 threat researcher Dinesh Devadoss also reported discovering the ransomware masquerading as a Google software update.''
#[ Firefox 78 is out with a mysteriously empty list of security fixes] - This is bad: ''At the moment [2020-07-01T11:00Z], the security fixes in the new version are a mystery! The release notes directed us to the official security fixes page, but there wasn’t any entry for Firefox 78.''
#[ Securing the International IoT Supply Chain - Schneier on Security] - ''The basic problem we try to solve is: how to you enforce IoT security regulations when most of the stuff is made in other countries? And our solution is: enforce the regulations on the domestic company that's selling the stuff to consumers.''


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