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= 1. Interview - Kimber Dowsett, Truss Works - 12:00 PM-12:30 PM =
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=== Announcements ===
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<li>With all the recent changes to BlackHat and DefCon, we realized we can keep doing what we do best - host virtual podcasts! I’m proud to announce Hacker Summer Camp 2020, a Security Weekly Virtual, Live-Stream Event, August 3 - August 6, 2020. To reserve your slot now, visit:</li>
=== Description ===
Director of Security Engineering at Truss.
===Kimber Dowsett===
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Image:KimberDowsett-0.jpg|'''[ Kimber Dowsett]''' is Director of Security Engineering at Truss<br>
Kimber is the Director of Security Engineering at Truss, a software infrastructure consulting firm based in San Francisco servicing both the public and private sectors. Prior to joining Truss, she served as Director of Infrastructure Engineering at 18F, a Federal agency providing digital delivery services and housed within General Services Administration (GSA). She also served 6 years as a Mission Information Specialist at NASA, securing instrument and ground systems at Goddard Space Flight Center. Kimber is passionate about privacy, encryption, and building user-driven technology for the public. In her spare time, Kimber developed and maintains the framework for Mock Interview and Resume Review (MIRR) Workshop (, a project that partners mentors with mentees from underrepresented communities who are un/underemployed in tech and seeking opportunities for professional development. She enjoys designing and building PCB-based electronic projects and is an avid admirer of Chiroptera, comic books, and video games.<br>
Image:Jeff_Man_2-0.jpg|<center>[ Jeff Man] - Sr. InfoSec Consultant at Online Business Systems</center>
Image:Josh_Marpet-0.jpg|<center>[ Josh Marpet] - COO at Red Lion</center>
Image:MattAlderman-0.png|<center>[ Matt Alderman] - CEO at Security Weekly</center>
Image:Scott_Lyons-0.jpg|<center>[ Scott Lyons] - CEO at Red Lion</center>


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