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= 1. Interview - ExtraHop An Honest Conversation about "Response" - 03:00 PM-03:30 PM =
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=== Announcements ===
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<li>We are looking for high-quality guest suggestions for all of our podcasts to fill our Q3 recording schedule! Submit your suggestions for guests by visiting and completing the form! We review suggestions monthly and will reach out to you once reviewed!</li>
<li>With all the recent changes to BlackHat and DefCon, we realized we can keep doing what we do best - host virtual podcasts! I’m proud to announce Hacker Summer Camp 2020, a Security Weekly Virtual, Live-Stream Event, August 3 - August 6, 2020. To reserve your slot now, visit:</li>
=== Description ===
Description TBDIt&#39;s time to come out and say it: &#34;response&#34; means something different to every category in cybersecurity. Yet, it&#39;s broadly used with little industry definition. In endpoint detection and response (EDR) systems, &#34;response&#34; refers to a prescriptive set of actions that can be taken with little to no human intervention. For example, if suspicious activity occurs on a device, that device can be automatically quarantined by the EDR tool. In network detection and response, &#34;response&#34; is more broad. The network is too vast and interconnected for blunt responses and therefore requires more surgical precision and investigation.    ==Guest(s)==  ===Matt Cauthorn===<gallery mode="nolines" widths=175px heights=175px>
Image:MattCauthorn-0.png|'''Matt Cauthorn''' is VP Sales Engineering at ExtraHop<br>
Matt Cauthorn is responsible for all security implementations and leads a team of technical security engineers who work directly with customers and prospects. A passionate technologist and evangelist, Matt is often on site with customers working to solve the complex and mission-critical business problems that Fortune 1,000 and global 2,000 companies face. After years spent helping customers tap into the value offered by network-based analytics, Matt has been able to bring fresh thinking to security threat detection. Prior to ExtraHop, Matt was a Sales Engineering Manager at F5 and before that he started his career in the trenches as a practitioner where he oversaw application hosting, infrastructure, and security for five international data centers.<br>


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