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= 1. News - Enterprise News Living through a Ransomware Attack - 12:30 PM-01:00 PM =
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=== Announcements ===
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<li>Join the Security Weekly Mailing List for webcast/virtual training announcements and to receive your personal invite to our Discord server by visiting and clicking the button to join the list! </li>
<li>With all the recent changes to BlackHat and DefCon, we realized we can keep doing what we do best - host virtual podcasts! I’m proud to announce Hacker Summer Camp 2020, a Security Weekly Virtual, Live-Stream Event, August 3 - August 6, 2020. To reserve your slot now, visit:</li>
=== Description ===
Having helped organizations identify, assess, remediate and recover from a significant ransomware attack, Scott describes the step by step process of events organizations will experience living through a ransomware attack and share some lessons learned for both dealing with an attack and for mitigating an organization&#39;s susceptibility to an attack.
===Scott DeLong===
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Image:ScottDeLong-0.jpg|'''Scott DeLong''' is Chief Information Officer/ Sr. Technology &amp; Security Officer at Scott DeLong &amp; Associates<br>
Scott is a Chief Information Officer/ Sr. Technology &amp; Security Officer with twenty-six years of Global Information Technology Experience in the following areas: Strategy, Roadmaps and Governance, Security &amp; Compliance Frameworks and Solutions, Assessment, Architecture, Selection, Procurement, Design, Development, Implementation and Management, Business Engineering (BE), Transformation, Process Reengineering (BPR) and Process Management (BPM), Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures and Joint Ventures, Portfolio, Program and Project Management. His professional passion is to architect, develop, implement, manage and secure people-process-technology centric solutions to address business challenges and seize on opportunities.<br>
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