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* [ I’m a CISO, what’s next?] - Gary Hayslip, CISO, Softbank Investment Advisor, reviews possible career paths for a CISO, including CIO, CTO, CRO, vCISO, and CPO the name a few...
* [ Qualys appoints Ben Carr as CISO] - Ben Carr, Chief Information Security Officer at Qualys, is responsible for providing cybersecurity guidance and security strategies to Qualys customers, leading the CIO/CISO Interchange, developed in partnership with the Cloud Security Alliance, and securing Qualys. To see our CISO interview with him, please visit [ BSW #120].
* [ What CISOs Should Tell the Board About Cybersecurity] - Knowing what to report to the board about security, however, is no easy thing. Here's some guidance for CISOs:** Ground the Board in the Basics** Talk About the Processes of Security** Reporting on Specific Incidents** Reporting on Specific Incidents* [ Elevating the MSSP from the Backroom to the Boardroom] - While security teams are mired in vulnerability and patching metrics, the board really only wants the answers to three simple questions:** Where are we on the cyber-risk spectrum?** Where do we want to be?** How will we get there?* [ The Upside of Virtual Board Meetings] - Here are eight practices that contribute to an excellent virtual board meeting:** Emphasize pre-work.** Shorten and energize the agenda.** Spread sessions over a week or two.** Build trust.** Use breakout rooms productively.** Build in “candor breaks.”** Replicate the dinner experience.** Bring in guest stars.* [ The new cybersecurity priorities of 2020] - Gartner expects spending on information security to grow about 2.4% in 2020, reaching nearly $124 billion. The firm initially projected and 8.7% growth before the coronavirus pandemic took its toll on the economy. Here's the new priorities:** Cloud Security** Data Security** Application Security** Identity Access Management** Infrastructure Protection* [ Majority of security pros fed up with alert fatigue] -A vast majority of security professionals say they experience alert fatigue, and 88% are facing challenges with their current SIEM setup, according to a report.


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