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** With work-from-home likely to be here to stay, it makes sense to cross train network security or other IT staff whose workloads may have dropped and point them toward building endpoint security, administering VPN systems, and handling encryption configuration and threat hunting.
* [ The 10 Worst Cybersecurity Strategies] - Let’s count them down.
** 10. Cyber-Insurance** 9. Audit Confidence** 8. Best Tools, Left Unmanaged** 7. Regulatory Compliance** 6. One Good Tool** 5. IT Dependence ** 4. Security by Marketing ** 3. Default Security Settings ** 2. Security by Obscurity** 1. Hope, as a Strategy
* [ Choosing Wisely: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Better Decision-Making] - Here are some expert-backed tips for making smarter decisions:
** Let go of ‘perfect’ and aim for ‘good enough’


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