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* [ Marketing and Selling to the CISO]- Merritt Group partnered with survey a select group of leading CISOs to find out how to most effectively get their attention and trigger a sale. The results might surprise some:** CISOs VALUE PEER INPUT MOST*** Around 64 percent of surveyed CISOs say they rely on peer communications and word of mouth to learn about new security products and vendors.*** Only 13 percent of CISOs rely on events for product information.** CISOs PREFER OBJECTIVE THIRD-PARTY MATERIAL*** 13 percent depend on videos and webinars.*** 28 percent look to research reports.*** 43 percent of CISOs rely on peers to connect on cyber trends.** CISOs EVALUATE FACE-TO-FACE AND HANDS-ON*** the most popular settings for evaluating cybersecurity vendor solutions were roundtable events and dinners, which 38 percent of respondents ranked as their top choice.*** Webinars, which 15 percent of CISOs named as preferred ways of evaluating vendor solutions, have also become more widespread.*** Less than 4 percent depend on marketing collateral and/or vendor website content to evaluate a solution.** CISOs EXPECT VENDORS TO DO THEIR RESEARCH*** Around 34 percent of survey respondents say that vendors have a better chance of success if they understand the CISO’s problems.*** About 34 percent of CISOs much prefer product demos to any other form of follow-up.


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