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#[ The Age of Mass Surveillance Will Not Last Forever] - I kinda agree: ''Meanwhile, the corporations of the world digested the realization that their darkest shame—their willful complicity in crimes against the public—had not been punished. Rather, these collaborators had been actively rewarded, with either explicitly retroactive immunity or informal guarantees of perpetual impunity. They became our latest Big Brother, striving to compile perfect records of private lives for profit and power. From this emerged the contemporary corruption of our once-free internet, called surveillance capitalism.''
#[ BootHole Secure Boot Threat Found In Most Every Linux Distro, Windows 8 And 10]
#[ Hackers Broke Into Real News Sites to Plant Fake Stories] - ''Ghostwriter has deployed a bolder tactic: hacking the content management systems of news websites to post their own stories. They then disseminate their literal fake news with spoofed emails, social media, and even op-eds the propagandists write on other sites that accept user-generated content.'' GRU? NO evidence, but why not mention them: ''While FireEye has made no such claims that the Ghostwriter news site compromises were the work of the GRU, Hultquist argues that the incidents in Poland and the Baltics should nonetheless serve as a warning.''
#[ New tool detects shadow admin accounts in AWS and Azure environments]
#[ The Garmin Ransomware Hack Is Horrifying]
#[ New Features in Python 3.9]


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