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= 2. Leadership and Communications Articles SWVHSC: "How To Measure Anything in Cybersecurity" - 0307:30 PM-08:00 PM =
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=== Description ===
===Doug Hubbard===
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Image:DougHubbard-0.jpg|'''Doug Hubbard''' is Founder at Hubbard Decision Research<br>
Doug is about building better "business impact" decision makers for big, risky decisions. Award winning author who sold over 150,000 copies of his 4 different books which are sold in eight different languages. Offers his global client base of Fortune 500 companies, federal and state governments, the United States military, and leading multi-national corporations across the globe online training and consulting revolving around his quantitative methodology, called Applied Information Economics (AIE).<br>
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Image:Jason_Albuquerque-0.jpg|<center>[ Jason Albuquerque] - CIO & CSO at Carousel Industries</center>
Image:MattAlderman-0.png|<center>[ Matt Alderman] - CEO at Security Weekly</center>
Image:Paul_Asadoorian-0.png|<center>[ Paul Asadoorian] - Founder & CTO at Security Weekly</center>
==[ Matt Alderman]'s Content: ==
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