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#[ Cybercriminals Could be Coming After Your Coffee] - From the article: ''When it comes to whether you should get an IoT device or not, the general rule is to first ask yourself this question: Do I really need my light bulb/coffee pot/washing machine/doorbell/other household items to be smart?'' The real question is "When will I no longer have a choice?".
#[ JWT Tokens: The What, How, and Why] - This helped me understand things: ''The main difference to notice here is that with cookies, the information is stored server-side, while with JWT, since the information is stored in the actual token, the information is stored client-side. Since the server doesn’t need to remember anything, this simplifies things a lot, especially when working with multiple servers and having different sessions.''Some JWT attacks rely on poor key management....
#[ Attackers finding new ways to exploit and bypass Office 365 defenses - Help Net Security]
#[ Oracle VM VirtualBox Buffer Overflow]


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