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#[ 78% of Microsoft 365 admins don't activate MFA - Help Net Security] - 99% is a lot... ''According to SANS, 99% of data breaches can be prevented using MFA. This is a huge security risk, particularly during a time when so many employees are working remotely.''
#[ Humans are Bad at URLs and Fonts Dont Matter] - This is why you need more than awareness training.
#[ Hackers Can Open Doors by Exploiting Vulnerabilities in Hrmann Device | SecurityWeek.Com]- ''In one attack scenario described by SEC Consult for SecurityWeek, an attacker who is able to connect to the local network can open doors connected to the Hörmann gateway by executing a small script. The attack does not require authentication and it can be conducted from a mobile phone.''
#[ URL and website scanner -]
#[ Over 100 irrigation systems left exposed online without protection]


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