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#[ Microsoft Introduces New Password Spray Detection for Azure | SecurityWeek.Com]
#[ Anonymous Authentication: How to Secure Public APIs]
#[ Back to the future: What the Jericho Forum taught us about modern security - Microsoft Security]- Truth: ''While it’s tempting to think “but it’s just safer if we block it entirely”, beware of this dangerous fallacy. Users today control how they work and they will find a way to work in a modern way, even if they must use devices and cloud services completely outside the control of IT and security departments. Additionally, attackers are adept at infiltrating approved communication channels that are supposed to be safe (legitimate websites, DNS (Domain Name Servers) traffic, email, etc.).''
#[ Nagios XI 5.7.3 Remote Command Injection]
#[ StackRox Releases Open Source Tool for Finding Kubernetes Misconfigurations | SecurityWeek.Com]


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