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# [ 2nd Zero Day for Windows 7 has been patched in the final version] - [MikeP.] - A vulnerability affecting Microsoft SMB2 can remotely crash the box or allow (or [ remote code execution] with proof-of-concept code that has been published; a Metasploit module is out.
# [ Got batteries?] - [Mick] - Looks like it's official, the US DHS finally gets "proof" that the US power grid is hackable. (Psst! if you put it behind the firewall, *everything* will be safe!!)
# [ Anonymous not just against Xenu anymore! ] - [Mick] - The folks who are famous for [ crashing Mubix's party] are up to it again. This time, they are getting the party started with the entire country of Australia!
= Other Stories Of Interest =
# [ LAG!!] - [Mick] - Warning: This is not quite RFC 1149 compliant... I think we'll have to call this FeatherNet since birds don't wear sneakers. I wonder what DoS attacks are available? I hear protocol hacking is teh sexay so we should get right on this! dDoS via LOLCATS? IM IN UR NETWORKS EATING UR LAYER ONES!!!


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